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Team Earth Awards are being issued to individuals,organizations, and corporations who maintains wildlife friendly land.

PDQ in Taylor, Pennsylvania produced the Team Earth awards.

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Scar belly

Ode to a Monarch, Scar Belly, Ghost Bear
A Poem by Jack Harris
Dedicated to Alice Castamore and Fred Stebbins (both deceased)
The Ghost's best friends in life.

In January of 1980 a legend was born
At this time he was no bigger than an ear of corn.
His mother's name we do not know.
His father was a Black Bear, this is so.

We do not know where this took place
But his body grew at a great pace.
In 1984 or 5 a car or truck put a dent
Behind his rib cage so he was bent.
This great collision he survived.
His skin was torn open wide.

Around this would his hair grew white.
The rest of him was black as night.
The bear grew larger every day.
A few years later many say
He was larger than all the rest.
With that white scar, all could attest.
He was a giant of his kind
From every angle, even behind.

Now this was in a hunted land.
Every season he ducked that band.
The hunters they would all assemble.
But Old Scar Belly never trembled.
Every year his fame increased.
These hunters' plans, they never ceased.
Now some believe he is a ghost
That no hunter can ever roast.

My photographs show there is a bear there.
During hunting season no hunter sees hair of this great bear.
After denning season is over
They ghost returns hom just like Rover.

It is now Two thousand and O-five
This giant bear is still alive.

The county is better with him in it.
People that know him, love every minute.
They can't wait to see him in spring.
To them great joy he will bring.
I tell you sure I love this critter.
The day he dies many will feel bitter.
If he disappears in death he will not sever
The Legend of the Giant Ghost Beat will live forever.

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