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The Accident, July 30, 2010

I woke up early on a beautiful day.
The boss man said I could go out and play.
At Karen's kitchen I had a good meal.
Having this day off was a real good deal.
Four miles away Ernie Falcone's cabin stood.
He's a bear of a man, but, to me, he's been real good.
I always like to walk a lot.
Ernie's home is in a very good spot.
I would rather walk than ride a bike,
So to Ernie's home I took my hike.
I watch and listen to the wilderness with every stride.
I see and hear much more than when I ride.
We talked and joked, watched television shows until it was late.
When I left, I had no idea I would near my fate.
I had walked this route many times before.
Today I would knock on my death's door.
The weather was the same as the morning had been.
To ruin this day would be a sin.
The sun was fading into the night.
When I looked back, I saw two lights
It would be ten days before I woke.
I would be much different, but not completely broke.
My right shoulder exploded, but stayed in place.
My mother would not have known my face.
Real life angels arrived in a flock.
They live amoung us, this statement no one should mock.
Doctors and nurses keep us alive.
This is the truth, it's not just jive.
The car behind the one that hit had three very good people in it.
The daughter reached for her telephone, called 911 and ran to my side.
She then began plugging the many holes in my hide.
The father helped me to hold real still.
Together they may have kept me from Boot Hill.
The mother would help the driver calm down as much as she could.
He was very distraught and she understood.
The Pennsylvania State Police came down the road real fast.
They also helped me to last.
As soon as the alarm was sounded
A good friend Gene Castamore bounded me into his car.
From his home I was not far.
Gene did not know, at this time, what he would find
Would be his old friend near out of his mind.
Jack at the hospitalAfter the lights, I don't remember this night.
The Rangers at Promised Land State Park
Called a helicopter that would become my ark.
To Community Medical Center in Scranton I would be lifted.
Here the medical professionals are all so gifted.
I don't know their names to this day.
There are words I must say!!
Thank you all for the Christmas of 2010.

This would be my mother's 92nd birthday.

Written December 23, 2010 by John P. Harris, Jr aka Jack Harris

Authorof the book "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" and "The Amazing Bald Eagle"

Hero's Of My Health


The first true hero of my life was my uncle WAYNE STORE. My parents allowed me to go swimming with his family at Lake Lincoln at Nay Aug Park in my home town of Scranton, Pa. I fell off the wall where the water was over my head and was doing down for the second or third time. Wayne jumped into the lake with his clothes on and pulled me back to the wall. I held on to the wall until he was able to get out and pick me out. I was only five to seven years old at that time.

Much later in life, I was hit by a car when I was walking on Route 402 in Pike County Pennsylvania in a forty-five mile-an-hour speed limit. It had gotten dark and I must have been very tired in front of Camp Biff.

I was found lying in a pool of blood by the family that owned the Inn at Pecks Pond at the time (Gene, Gary, and their daughter Gene). I was told later that their daughter make the 911 call from the site.

I later wrote my poem 'The Accident' (see above) stating Angels gathers in a flock. They live amoung us. This statement no one should mock.

I now realize that flock of angels continued to grow. They were the helocopter crew that life flighted me to CMC Medical Center in Scranton. They were the Promsed Land Park Ranger Hunter who became my primary care giver at the site. They also included the staff and doctors of CMC who received a jig saw puzzle that evening and put back together the person I am now. My next door neighbor, Linda Boldger, a staff nurse who did not recognize me until she read my name bracelet.

Doctor Kondash supervised my medical care at CMC for the first week after the accident. I was then transferred to Allied Services in Northwest Scranton until October 29 where many new angels entered my flock while my broken back healed.

The nurses and physical therapists Cristene Kremsk, Lara Swinick, Rayna Pfeil, Rachel Shutt, nurses Virginia Czankner, Lauriel Zavrotny and my occasional dancing partner Blanka.

On the morning of September 22, 2010 I walked over to our head nurses station and told Michel my speech is slurred and I was immmediatly transported back to CMC and given an immediate CAT scan. I was informed I would have major brain surgery the next morning. Doctor Steffoni Holla from India saved my life on the 23rd of 2010 two days before my 61st birthday.

The Medical staff of Community Medical Center and Allied Services arre as good as any health facility in the world today! There should be more more HERO's. THey all made my time in these facilities an enjoyable period of my life.

A special note Cristene Kremsk brought up at a nurses conference that she thought something was going wrong two days before my speech problem began.

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