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Team Earth Awards are being issued to individuals,organizations, and corporations who maintains wildlife friendly land.

PDQ in Taylor, Pennsylvania produced the Team Earth awards.

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The American Bald Eagle

The American Bald Eagle is a marvelous bird.
I will praise them now with many a word.
The symbol of our nation, so proud and so strong.
With the eyes of bald eagles, our military watches for wrong.
I love to watch the bald eagles when they are soaring.
When they are flying close by, my hearbeat is roaring.
Bald eagles ride air thermals, soaring so high.
I wonder if they will go through the sky.
I have thousands of photographs of these magnificent birds.
Why I will take that many more, I can't put into words.
They build their nests high, near the tops of trees.
I guess they enjoy the morning breeze.
Bald Eagle FlyingWhen I watch eagles soearing far over the mountain crest,
I know in my soul their lives must be the best.
The next day I see them, hunkered down in the hard driving rain.
It's then that I know, even in their lives, there must be great pain.
A bald eagle's upper beak curves like a sharp hook.
They can see food a mile away with just a quick look.
An eagle's favorite food is a small fish.
They never use a knife, spoon, fork, or a dish.
A bald eagle's tail feathers can glow in the sun.
Being an eagle must be great fun.
Someone called them bald, these eagles, they are not.
Beautiful fine white feathers cover every head and neck spot.
I have listened to the wind rushing through their feathers.
They sound like a small jet!
When I hear that, I'm where I want to be.
On that, you can bet.
On a dark, cold, and windy Alaskan morn,
I photographed a bald eagle riding the storm.
I can see this eagle in my mind so clear.
This magnificent bald eagle, showing no fear.
It is my dream, when my days are done.
My soul will ride a bald eagle, for my last fun!
He will drop me off at Heaven's gate.
Where my family, friends, and pets all wait.

Written May 9, 2010
Written By: John Paul Harris Jr.
Listen to Jack recite this poem.

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