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Team Earth Awards are being issued to individuals,organizations, and corporations who maintains wildlife friendly land.

PDQ in Taylor, Pennsylvania produced the Team Earth awards.

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From Jack's Book Pages 50-51

I love being our hunting, carrying my rifle in the mountains. It is certainly one of my most enjoyed pleasures.

For the last 20 years I have rarely killed anything. While on my last three Alaskan hunting trips, I had a license for moose, caribou, and bears and several shooting opportunities at each, and never fired a shot. I still love shooting and do it very well if I decide to.

During my scuba diving trips, I never was interested in killing anything. I just wanted to see the ocean up close and personal. The human race must stop polluting the air, land, and water of this planet! Mother Nature will strike back; how severely, we have not seen yet.

I really feel the greatest threat is the explosion of nuclear weapons inside this volcanically active planet. Deadly radiation would last thousands of years and could surface hundreds of miles from test sites. The shock waves must create cracks at all levels of the Earth's core. If water entered these cracks, it would eventually lead to lava pockets which create steam under pressure. Sooner or later it must escape. Our bombs don't do that, of course.

I cannot describe how I feel when I see litter everywhere. I once had a hunting partner stand on private land for the day. The follwing day I walked past his stand. There were candy wrappers, potato chips bags, sandwich bags, and cans lying around the rock he had been sitting on. I left it there and saw him at work the next day. I asked him to get up there and clean it up the next day. He did and we hunted several years after that. I never say a single paper after I pointed it out to him.

I try to always pick up some small amount everywhere I hunt or fish in addition to my own papers or cans. I could never get it all but I feel good about doing something.

When I'm guiding in Alaska, I often carry a litter bag with me and try to carry some out, especially fishing line I find near the streams.

I believe every school should have a time to teach youth not to litter. You can't change older people much but kids will absorb and take it through life if taught young enough.

Our efforts should starts at kindergarden or first grade. Give the first grade students the responsibilty of cleaning up the litter around school property. Have the teachers do simple demonstrations that show how tiny additions of substances dramatically change their make-up.

As an example, simnply put small drops of brown or black dye in clear water. Then ask the kids what kind of water they want in their future. The same thing using color dust could be used to show air pollution.

I believe that almost every child would become interested in a a clean and healthy environment. This is what the future needs.

This book has few, if any, bad things about anybody. I prefer to remember the good side of people. I had to make this book about the good things I've done or an encyclopedia of mistakes. This deciding factor was, I couldn't type fast enough to catch up with the mistakes.

I'm 55 years old and have been almost every place I have dreamed about going and have tried almost everything I have dreams of doing when I graduated from high school.

I have become aware that I have lived a life that was very important and gratifying to me personally at the time. I hope this book will touch young people's lives in a positive way.

I believe that life is for having fun. I try to have the best day that I can every day. I want to enjoy my life and I want the people around me to enjoy theirs. I'll say or do almost anything to make people laugh I also try to call people what they want to hear. I don't always succeed. If I kow someone has a problem, I'll try to help. I last thing I want to do is make it worse.

I often say, "I have to laugh. I hate to cry in public."

When I was about 50 years old, I adopted the statement, "Of all the things I ever lost, I miss my mind the most. Assuming I had one to lose."

*This is an exerpt from Jack Harris's book "Beying My Wildest Dreams" Pages 50 and 51. You can order his book from the merchandsie page.

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