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Jack's goal is to leave the world a better place because he has lived. Please consider making a donation to help him in his conservatgion issues. Please take a look at the website so you know the issues that Jck considers important so you can help him in funding his initiatives. Click on the gofundme button and make a donation. Jack would appreciate it. You can also donate to the organizations on my website.

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Outdoor Writers of Ameria

Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association

Support Jack's Team Earth initiative.

Follow Jack on Twitter! @jackharris2017

Team Earth

Team Earth Award

Team Earth Awards are being issued to individuals,organizations, and corporations who maintains wildlife friendly land.

PDQ in Taylor, Pennsylvania produced the Team Earth awards.

Animatd Siren

Jack Feeding bears

Jacks International "Litter-Up Foundation" You may make a donation to it via Paypal or credit card. More details on the Merchandise page.

Donations are used for environmental clean-up.

Jacks Allstars


Jack supports Shriner's Hospital. Jack would be honored to be any kind of spokesmen for this organization. His goal is "One World, Indivisible, with Life, Liberty, and pursuit of happiness." As always, Jack would do more to help the children at these hospitals if he could as asks you do do wat you can.


Jack believes this site is important. No single issue is more important to Jack than the second amended of America. When the founders wrote this, they had just finished fighting the tryanny of the King of England. More people should own and fire a firearm. The first shot would have identified the shooter and the second shot would have stopped the mass shooter. When good people know how to use firearms there are no problems. You cannot legislate the arms out of the hands of the bad guys.

Jack's Alaska Travel All Stars Unsolicited

Lazer's Guide Service And Bus Trips

Alaska's State Ferries System And the Town Hostel's

You are on your own time schedule. Most hostels are located in or near center of towns visited. All will assist with transportation to areas you want to visit. Lazer's busses will give you time you request for observing wildlife, its your time at your request.

Using the hostel's you may extend days if you choose to. Be at dock on time board and go to your next choice location. Hostels far cheaper than major hotels.

WILLOW AIR TRANSPORTATION. I have flown in with WIllow 5 times. Based Willow Alaska.

Skagway Home HostelBus travel is very reasonable. Bus routes access most large towns. Train transportation is comfortable and extensive in central Alaska.

Alaska's wildlife upclose and personal: Denali National Park

Busses transport you to trail; you hike your own and return to bus stop. You have truly experienced Alaska at its best.

Alaska wildlife is extemely mobile. Use binoculars and spotting scopes. From high places the more ground you observe the more wildlife you will see. Every true hunter knows lakes and rivers create pinches to funnel game. Get out early and stay out late as much as possible. And don't miss the bus!

Brad's World Reptiles

Jack highly recommends this site for charters:

Fish the bay charters

Dameron, Maryland
301-904-0935 or 301-872-4041


SAFETY TIP: Elevation changes: Temperature rapidly 70 degrees in a valley becomes 40 degrees or lower on a wind swept mountain tops in a few minutes walk. ALWAYS HAVE WARM CLOTHING WITH YOU!


Personalized Alaska and Russia Tours

Alaska Lazer's Guide Service

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Jack was a former member of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and has donationed a copy of his book to the local Susquehanna Valley Chapter #38696.

Henry Repeating Arms

Sheep Show



Katmailand Logo

Jack recommmends Katmailand if you go to Alaska. You can stay at Katmai Lodge. Katmai Lodge offers some of the best trout and salmon fishing in Alaska. Jack worked for four summers there.

Anan Wildelife

Jack feels that Anan is a great site to go to because black and brown bears can be photographed together side by side.

Island Point Lodge


May 2 - 8

Fishing Activities:

Trolling for King Salmon, Halibut fishing, Dungeness Crab is excellent.

May 9 - 15 Trolling for King Salmon, Halibut fishing, Dungeness Crab is excellent.
**** 10 day special for the Petersburg Salmon Derby ****
May 20 - 29
Strictly trolling for King Salmon, Halibut fishing, Dungeness Crab is excellent.
May 30 - June 5 Trolling for King Salmon, Halibut fishing, Dungeness Crab is excellent.
June 6 - 12 Trolling for King Salmon, Halibut fishing, Dungeness Crab is excellent.
June 15th The Commercial Season Opens for Dungeness Crab.
Crabbing is Good for the Rest of the Summer.
June 13 - 19 Trolling for Kings, Kings should begin to enter the estuary and rivers. Halibut fishing, Dungeness Crab is excellent.
June 20 - 26 Trolling and river fishing for Kings. Halibut fishing, Dungeness Crab is excellent.
June 27 - July 3 Trolling and river fishing for Kings. Sockeye salmon should begin to enter the rivers. Halibut fishing.
July 4 - 10 King and Sockeye Salmon in the rivers. Kings getting dark. Halibut fishing.
July 11 - 17 King and Sockeye Salmon in the rivers. Kings are dark. Pink and Chum Salmon should be making their presence. Halibut fishing.
July 18 - 24 Same as previous week. Silver (Coho) Salmon should begin to show up in salt water. Halibut fishing is excellent.
July 25 - 31 King and Sockeye should be ending. Pink, Chum and Silver Salmon fishing on the increase. Halibut fishing is excellent.
August 1 - 7 Same as previous week. More Silvers in the rivers.Halibut fishing is excellent.
August 8 - 14 Same as previous week. Halibut fishing is excellent
August 15 - 21 Same as previous week. Silvers more predominant. Halibut fishing is excellent.
August 22 - 28 Pink and Chum on the decrease with Silver Salmon river fishing being excellent. Halibut fishing is excellent.
August 29 - Sept. 4 Silver Salmon river fishing excellent throughout Sept. Halibut fishing is excellent.
Sept. 5 - 11 Silver Salmon river fishing excellent throughout Sept. Halibut fishing is excellent.
Sept. 12 - 18 Silver Salmon river fishing excellent throughout Sept. Halibut fishing is excellent.


Jacks five best summers working as a fishing guide were at Island Point Lodge.

Majestic Eagle

Jack worked for a short time for this great fishing lodge.


An open letter of admiration and support for Nancy Sue Pearlman!

I have never had the honor of meeting Nancy. I have talked to her several times on the phone. When I want to know what is important to the environmental work I read Nancy's COMPENDIUM NEWSLETTER. Nancy is not only an inschool teacher, she is a teacher of the entire world. I have just begun to try to make a positive impact on the world of the future, Nancy is now my conservation idol.

I hope to join Nancy as a leader of a better future world. My inspiration in this quest are the words of Donald Trump: Think Big and Kick Ass.

I am not somone that kicks ass. I ask the people who can make the world a BETTER MORE PEACEFUL AND MORE COOPERATIVE place for their help. I am asking alll people and conservation oriented groups to unite under the word phrase


TEAM EARTH members all do what they think will make the world better for all people and wildlife, and plants on earth.

There will be no dues or cards for team earth. JUST DO SOMETHING for the people around you and the environment of EARTH.

TEAM EARTH symbols are the Sun SHINING on EARTH our cleanest energy, The BALD EAGLE represents clean air; the TIGER to me the most beautiful of earth creatures, the BEAR represents the strength of TEAM EARTH. The WHALE represents the necessity of CLEAN WATER.

The WOMAN standing above earth the MOTHER of all LIFE ON EARTH; the white haired long bearded old man FATHER TIME.




Hunting Outdoor Expo Flyer

Another contact of Jack's is:




Shyanne RobertsShyanne Roberts Headshot

There is a new rising star in the east. This is not the star of Bethlehem that brought so much hope to the world of the past. Shyanne Roberts brings my hope for a better world of the future! My hope for the world has the vast majority of the good people that exist in every country own and use firearms for the great pleasure of target shooting and legal food hunting. Shyanne has not yet hunted any creature but loves her guns as much as this 65 year old hunting fanatic did when I was young.

Her shooting skills with handguns, rifles, and shotguns are so advanced she must complete with the very best women shooters world-wide. The No.2 rated females competition woman in New Jersey; not bad for a ten year old young woman that weighs less than 100 pounds. With a great desire to improve which I know will happen. My jope is her skills and amazing personality will inspire hugh numbers of young people to be link Sheyanne; mature beyond years, confident and extremely friendly.

Roberts Family photo

I met Sheyanne and her father (Dan) and brother (Connor) at the gun show held in the Philadelphia convention center on December 2014. We traded my book and her signed JUNIOR SHOOTERS magazine issue that has her magnetic photo on the cover. It also reads like her ten year biography. I know I will follow her future with great pride in being a friend of her family. She will continue to be a great force for the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America which has been the highlight of my life as well.



Tools for Freedom website

Tools for Freedom is another newsletter that Jack recommends.

Jack highly recommends that you check out this website for empowering individuals:

The Solutions Institute

These are photographs taken where bears are very used to people. I want to explain the distance is 13 yards from my hand to the bear on the right. To be honest, this is far closer than anyone should be to a black bear. These photos prove that bears are not agressive to humans. This is something I do to prove a point and not something I would recommend to anyone else. This is a 300+ pound adult black bear.

I have been this close (and much closer) to other bears. You can expect a bear to walk or run away from you. This is what they USUALLY do.

Jack recommends this book to all outdoor oriented people; especially gun owners

JAck requests every gun owner to recuit young people to the rifle range on how enjoyable it is to target practice.

Jack is becoming an avid outspoken and passionate about the national rifle association and NRA issues. He is looking for all kinds of interviews about this subject.

The right to keep and bear arms has been the most important subject in Jack's life. When good people have guns there aren't any problems. Take the guns away from good people, only bad people have guns. This doesn't make any sense.



Jack is very proud to have met all of these invidviduals in the following photographs. Jack beleives this group proves that there are good people everywhere; more than there are bad people.

This is Jack's enounter with Girls And A Gun organization. He hopes to learn more. Jack believe far more women should own and carry guns. The more good people that have guns the safer people will be.

John (in the photo below) is working to get my book published in China!

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