Jack is producing signs for American Citizens Supporting the Armed Forces. You can donate for the sign and support Wounded Warriors, Disabled Americans (DAVE), Paralyzed Veterans of America, National Police Association, the USO, or Deputy Sheriff's Assocation.



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Jack's goal is to leave the world a better place because he has lived. Please consider making a donation to help him in his conservatgion issues. Please take a look at the website so you know the issues that Jck considers important so you can help him in funding his initiatives. Click on the gofundme button and make a donation. Jack would appreciate it. You can also donate to the organizations on my website.

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Team Earth

Team Earth Award

Team Earth Awards are being issued to individuals,organizations, and corporations who maintains wildlife friendly land.

PDQ in Taylor, Pennsylvania produced the Team Earth awards.

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Jack Feeding bears

Jacks International "Litter-Up Foundation" You may make a donation to it via Paypal or credit card. More details on the Merchandise page.

Donations are used for environmental clean-up.


Jack's Bookshelf

10/28/2020: Another book that Jack recommends.

United States of Socialism: Who's Behind It. Why It's Evil. How to Stop It. by [Dinesh D'Souza]

09/25/2020: Two new books that Jack highly recommends:

13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi by [Mitchell Zuckoff with the Annex Security Team]

See the source image



Curiosity Seekers by [Karen B. Kaplan]


Jack's friend of many years has written this book. He highly recommends that you read it

Jack highly recommends the above book by George Latham Myers.

101 Facts That'll Convince Your Liberal Friends to Walk Away by [Zed, Tyler, Wheeler, Dylan]

The above book is recommended reading by Jack.


The goal of Cheon Guk is to bring Heaven on Earth; this is something that Jack totally supports and recommends reading this book. It is based on the Constitution of the United States.

Jack highly recommends the following two novels written by Bill Kinney and available on Amazon

Image result for The Black Knight bill kinney


Books of InterestBooks of Interest

Jim and Carol May were clients of Jack's Alaska's guided trips. Above are pictures of two of Jim and Carol's books that Jack feels are of interest to you.

This is a friend of Jack's and this is an interesting read. Dan's book is available at Barn's&Nobles bookstores.

Jack considers this book a "must read" for anyone going fishing in Alaska.

Woods and Wild Things Book Cover

Dan Knaus is a friend of Jack's who has written a good book about his youth. Well recommended.


Ghost Brother Book Image

Jack believes every old hunter should read this book. Jack never had a brother but every day he goes into the woods and sees the ghost of his past hunting and fishing friends.

Jack believes this is a fantastic read and a great accomplishment in her imagination. Kristine is Jack's lead surgeon for his colon cancer operation.

Wronged by abuse, wrecked by drugs and alcohol addiction, resurrected by faith in God. I have inly known Lowell about 3 years, he is fine a man and walks as close to God as anyone I have met. This book should be read by everyone that has a drug or alcohol addition.

Jack believes that this new book coming out maybe the most important book written since the Bible. Rev. Sean Moon is offering the world an alternative to the United Nations. I believe that everyone in every country should read this book.

I was present at the founding of this book; the United States mentioned on the cover is actually ALL the countries of the world. I believe this should be the future of the Earth and all its people: ONE WORLD UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIFE, LIBERTY, and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Jack's personal book has been signed almost every member of the Freedom Society. Jack attends the Society's meetings regularly. Each meeting is hosted (and founded) by Justin Moon.

The Bible Project is something that Jack is interested in and hopes you will visit their website and Jack gives them a very strong recommendation.

Outdoor Writers Magazine Cover

This is a cover photo taken by Jack's friend Bud Cole. On page 19, there is an article written about Jack. You can click on it to see it full size:

"Intruding on a Killer" is a book that Jack highly recommends. This book proves the statement on page 10 of his book that the wrong bear on the wrong day makes up for all the good bears. This bear was an exception. These bears are out there but they are *extremely* rare.

Fran's friend Mike's yelling at the bear kicked in the natural fear of a human being and the bear decided to flee.

Ed Carolson's Books

Ed Carlson Book Covers

Mr. Ed Carlson, author of the above three books, may have qualified as conservationist of the 1980s. Recommended reading for all new, young sportsmen.

Don Feigert Book Cover

Jack recommends the above book to all young outdoorsmen. The book clearly shows how older hunters learn to love the animals they hunt.

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